Version 0

Daniel's Advanced Readiness Testing System started in 2010 when Daniel was preparing for his CompTIA A+ certification. He originally programmed it as a command-line Python script on a cheap Pentium 4 Dell running Ubuntu Linux. When it was realized that others in the Computer Systems Technology class could benefit from this practice testing software, he setup the script to be accessible over telnet. The program itself wasn't very user-friendly; you had to type the answer(s), in the correct order, and backspace didn't work over telnet. Seeing that this was a frustration for most of the class, Daniel recoded the program into a Web application.

Version 1

Started in 2011, the first Web implementation of DARTS was a modified version of the command-line Python script. Relative to where DARTS is today, it was a very poorly designed application. However, it was used by three classes at the Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology. DARTS was accessible through both the Internet and a classroom intranet. At the time, DARTS contained four banks of each CompTIA A+ test, a CompTIA Network+ test, and a CompTIA Server+ test. The Internet Archive has a copy of the old homepage. Also, most of the source code from DARTSv1 is available via GitHub, but be warned, it isn't pretty.

Version 2

After getting tired of dealing with the inflexibilities of DARTSv1, Daniel decided to recreate the application from scratch in 2013. With help from his friend and employee, Will Reynolds, he created a PHP application with a MongoDB NOSQL database backend. From easier addition of question banks, to actually having user accounts, version 2 was a huge leap for DARTS.

Daniel Barlow has become CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+ certified with the help of DARTS. If you need help with IT work, or even want a Web-based application of your own, you can contact Daniel through his website: thedwebsite.net